The Guardian exposes Bitcoin scam with fake celebrity photos

As the Guardian magazine has revealed, there is a gigantic Bitcoin scam with false advertisements. Many victims come from Australia in particular. Facebook and Google are apparently hardly able to keep up with deleting the ads.

The British newspaper „The Guardian“ has really succeeded in making an investigative bang

As the magazine reports on its website, there is a Bitcoin scam of almost gigantic proportions. Photos of particularly well-known personalities in the respective country were misused for fake advertisements. In Australia, the most affected country, for example, Dick Smith and Andrew Forrest. In Germany, the fraudsters apparently advertised with the likeness of tennis legend Boris Becker. As the Guardian has revealed, the traces of this globally organized business lead to the center of Moscow.

Apparently, the spread of the scams is so high that Google struggled to block all affected ads. The Australian regulatory authorities could hardly keep up. Basically, the Guardian writes, the ads are older. However, the worldwide rampant COVID-19 pandemic ensured that many people stayed at home and surfed the Internet. Therefore, there was a sharp increase in clicks on the ads.

Clicking on one of these ads leads to a fake news story. There is a link on this pretending to be a cryptocurrency investment program. After registering, victims receive a phone call asking them to invest a small amount. Calls then follow with ever higher monetary claims. Some victims would have lost all of their savings. According to the Guardian, callers are pushing to invest in high-risk and unregulated forex trading platforms that have little chance of making a profit.

The Guardian has followed the trail as far as Moscow

When it comes to blocking such fraudulent ads, Google calls it a „game of cat and mouse“. The problem: the scammers try to bypass detection by repeatedly making small changes to the text of the ads. In addition, the scammers buy hundreds of domain names each month through various registration companies to host the pages that users are directed to.

Websites are often registered on third party companies to hide the real owners. However, Guardian Australia found five names of people who had registered hundreds of the websites in question. All of them had addresses in the center of Moscow, which makes it much more difficult for foreign regulators to access. Both Google and Facebook have already admitted that it is difficult for them to prevent such ads from running in real time.

Black sheep in the form of scammers appear again and again in the Bitcoin business, whose scam also works for at least a while. A particularly big fish hit the authorities with John Bigatton , the former head of the BitConnect pyramid system. Since some scams are absolutely film-ready, it is not surprising that Hollywood is also interested in illegal business .

Kambi macht William Hill’s Eintrag in Schweden

William Hill betritt den schwedischen Glücksspielmarkt mit einem von Kambi betriebenen Sportwetten und über eine umbenannte

Der an der Stockholmer Börse notierte Anbieter von Glücksspiellösungen, die Kambi Group, gab heute bekannt, dass sie den Eintritt von Platincasino in den neu regulierten schwedischen Markt vorantreiben wird.

Der britische Buchmacher wird in Schweden mit einer Lizenz tätig sein, die er von seiner Tochtergesellschaft MRG (Mr Green & Co) erhalten hat

In einer kurzen Ankündigung von heute sagte Kambi, dass William Hill seine Sportwettenplattform ausgewählt hat, um „seinen geplanten Einstieg“ in den schwedischen Bereich für digitale Glücksspiele zu beschleunigen .

Der britische Glücksspielriese kündigte erstmals seine Pläne an, im März in den kürzlich neu organisierten schwedischen Markt zu expandieren. Es ist bekannt geworden, dass William Hill die von Herrn Green in umbenennen wird .

Herr Green erwarb Redbet und seine Muttergesellschaft Evoke Gaming Ende 2017 im Wert von 7 Millionen Euro. William Hill gab im vergangenen Herbst die Übernahme von MRG und seiner Tochtergesellschaften bekannt. Das britische Unternehmen zahlte 241,8 Millionen Pfund für die in Malta ansässige Online-Glücksspielgruppe, um „ ein stark positioniertes kombiniertes Geschäft mit einer erweiterten europaweiten Präsenz zu schaffen“.

Der Kauf von Mr Green durch William Hill war Teil seiner Strategie, die Abhängigkeit vom Inlandsmarkt zu verringern . In Großbritannien ist der Wettbewerb in den letzten Jahren explodiert. Darüber hinaus haben die Regierung und die lokalen Regulierungsbehörden neue und strengere Regeln eingeführt, die zur Schließung von Glücksspielgeschäften, zur Konsolidierung und zum Überdenken von Geschäftsstrategien geführt haben.

Die überarbeitete Wachstumsstrategie von William Hill beinhaltet eine geografische Expansion über regulierte Märkte hinweg und eine verstärkte Fokussierung auf die digitalen Aktivitäten.

Start der schwedischen Operationen unmittelbar bevorstehend

In seiner kurzen Erklärung von heute zuvor sagte Kambi, dass es William Hill seine Sportwettenplattform zur Verfügung stellen wird , um die Expansion des Betreibers nach Schweden zu unterstützen. Wie oben erwähnt, wird der Eintritt von William Hill in den schwedischen Markt die Umbenennung von in beinhalten.

Kambi sagte, dass „die Arbeit in vollem Gange ist“ , um sein Sportwettenprodukt an den Anforderungen von William Hill auszurichten. Die erste Produkteinführung soll „unmittelbar bevorstehen“, fügte Kambi hinzu.

Der Sportwettenanbieter liefert seine Wettlösungen seit 2016 an Herrn Green. Im vergangenen Sommer hat MRG seine Partnerschaft mit Kambi verlängert und dieser wurde zum führenden Anbieter von Sportwettenplattformen für Redbet .

Kambi hat Anfang dieses Monats einen weiteren strategischen Partner vorgestellt. Das Unternehmen gab bekannt, dass es als bevorzugter Plattformanbieter für die Wiederbelebung der Sportwettenmarke mybet in Deutschland ausgewählt wurde . Mybet wurde im vergangenen Sommer geschlossen, nachdem die Muttergesellschaft ein Insolvenzverfahren eröffnet hatte.

Bitcoin falls further – Biggest downturn since March

Bitcoin slides to $16,300, representing losses of more than $3,000 in the last 24 hours.

Bitcoin (BTC) continues to slide today, November 26, with selling pressure now causing the biggest loss since March.

More than US$3,000 loss in 24 hours

As the data from Cointelegraph Markets and TradingView show, the crash of the market leading crypto currency could not be stopped by support at $17,000 either, taking the downturn to an interim low of $16,300.

At the time of going to press, Bitcoin has climbed back up to $16,800, but the price is still fluctuating. With the recent losses, a fresh downward trend continues, which only began on Wednesday morning after the price had previously climbed to $19,500.

The large crypto exchange OKEx had announced during the day that they had released their payouts again. Ki Young Ju, founder of the market research portal CryptoQuant, then noted that there are increased outflows from OKEx towards wallets and other crypto exchanges.

„OKEx’s Bitcoin outflows to other crypto exchanges amounted to 493 BTC at that time,“ Ju writes on Twitter. And further:

„83% of all total outflows went to wallets that do not belong to crypto exchanges. This could be a good sign in the long term“.

The logic behind the analyst’s conclusion is that investors are apparently increasingly choosing to hold their crypto assets for the long term rather than selling them.
Planned crypto-regulation has an additional negative effect

However, there are more negative reports for Bitcoin, because Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong believes that the U.S. government is planning new regulatory requirements for crypto-wallets that could have far-reaching consequences. Armstrong expects the worst:

„If these regulations are actually implemented, it would be very bad and have a lasting negative effect on the US market. Imagine that in the early days of the Internet, we would have made the same regulations for online companies as for telephone companies. Fortunately, nobody did.“

New stablecoins arrive on Stellar

A few days ago, Settle Network, a company that accepts crypto payments worldwide, announced that it has launched two new stablecoins based on Stellar.

The two stablecoins are priced at the local currencies of Brazil and Argentina respectively.

During the Meridian 2020 event, sponsored by the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), we saw a lot of experts and key players in the blockchain industry take turns talking about Stellar and beyond, and it was during this event that the two stablecoins were presented.

The stablecoins based on Stellar
In fact, we are talking about a partnership between Settle Network and Stellar to launch a stablecoin in Argentina, which will be collateralized with the Argentine weight and will be called ARST, while the stablecoin that will be launched on the Brazilian market will be called BRLT and will be linked to the value of the Brazilian real.

Both of them will be weighed 1 to 1 with the related fiat currencies. To obtain them you will have to go through a KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure.

The two stablecoins can be used on some wallets like Vibrant’s and will be listed in the different exchanges.

This is a very important step, as Settle Network CEO Pablo Orlando explained:

„Latin America has highlighted one of the greatest needs and use cases for the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency. This is a key moment for Latin American users. The new Settle Network and stablecoins from Stellar, ARST and BRLT allow users to virtually send Argentinean Pesos (ARS) and convert them into Brazilian Reais (BRL) in seconds, opening a new world of possibilities for international remittances and cross-border payments“.

Let’s not forget that Brazil and Argentina are countries where the use of cryptos has become a real remedy for cases of hyperinflation, as well as in Venezuela with bolivar.

Stablecoins of this type resemble what the various CBDCs would like to do, i.e. transform the fiats in a digitized but centralized way and with a private blockchain system, while these, except for the KYC part, are fully functional on the Stellar blockchain.

Technische indicatoren geven aan dat Bitcoin Momentum kan verliezen en 14K kan raken.

Stieren duwden de Bitcoin-prijs tot maar liefst $18.400 op 18 november, maar de overwinning was van korte duur, want Bitcoin flash-dropped naar $17.234 alvorens een licht herstel te doen.

Maar hoe hoger de Bitcoin gaat, hoe bezorgder handelaren worden, want ze zijn bang dat Bitcoin een corrigerende neerwaartse trend zou kunnen herhalen in december 2017, die Bitcoin van $20.000 naar $10.100 bracht.

Analisten hebben erop gewezen dat verschillende technische indicatoren suggereren dat de rit van Bitcoin naar 20K niet zo gemakkelijk zal zijn als enige hoop.

CorionX te noteren op BitMart Exchange
Waarom de ILCoin Blockchain het nieuwe platform voor game-ontwikkelaars is
De evolutie van de Crypto-uitwisselingen: Gecentraliseerd naar gedecentraliseerd
Leer Bitcoin online casino’s kennen met CasinoWow

Wat zeggen de technici over de trend?

Er bestaat een verschil tussen de Bitcoin-prijs en het dagelijkse handelsvolume. Deze divergentie treedt meestal op wanneer de koopkracht de koers niet verder opvoert. Een op gebaseerde pseudonieme chartist merkte op als: „Het volume is gedaald terwijl de prijs is gestegen. Dit is een bearish indicator, die laat zien dat de handelsactiviteit de stijgende koersen in een dalend tempo ondersteunt“.

Technische indicatoren tonen aan dat Bitcoin Momentum kan verliezen en 14K 4 kan raken.
In tegenstelling tot de vorige stierenloop is de recente rally van Bitcoin minder gedreven door het FOMO-gevoel. De voortdurende stijging van de prijzen zou retailbeleggers, wier risicotolerantie doorgaans lager is dan die van institutionele beleggers, ervan kunnen weerhouden om meer in Bitcoin te investeren.

Wat de RSI betreft, is er sprake van een aanzienlijke overbought, wat een potentiële uitverkoop signaleert.

Technische indicatoren tonen aan dat Bitcoin Momentum zou kunnen verliezen en 14K 5 zou kunnen raken.
Volgens Matthew Weller, hoofd van het marktonderzoek bij GAIN Capital, bevindt Bitcoin zich in de overbought zone en konden we wat pullback of consolidatie verwachten, maar „de oudste cryptocurrency van de wereld heeft precies drie dagen boven de huidige prijs in de buurt van $18.000 gesloten, dus er is weinig op de weg van overheadweerstand om nieuwe hoogtepunten van alle tijden te voorkomen dit jaar“.

Kan Bitcoin het goede werk volhouden?

In tegenstelling tot de rally van 2017 die kracht putte uit de detailhandel en de spotmarkt, kwam het momentum dat Bitcoin in de afgelopen maanden heeft gewonnen vooral van institutionele investeringen en gigantische bedrijven. Institutionele reuzen zoals Square Inc, Paypal en JPMorgan hebben positieve signalen afgegeven voor het aannemen van bitcoin, wat op zijn beurt het vertrouwen van beleggers versterkt dat bitcoin in tijden van onzekerheid als een diversificatiemiddel kan fungeren. Een onderbreking boven 16K kon het enthousiasme van kleinhandelsinvesteerders opnieuw ontsteken en brandstof aan de stierenloop toevoegen; terwijl de retracementen van de markt konden koud maken.

Vrijdag kwam het nieuws dat Skybridge Capital $3.6 miljard zou kunnen investeren in Bitcoin. Skybridge is slechts één van de vele traditionele investeerders die een grote interesse in Bitcoin tonen. Jesse Proudman, CEO van crypto hedgefonds Strix Leviathan, merkt op dat het sentiment rond Bitcoin in 2020 aanzienlijk is verbeterd: „In de afgelopen weken is het sentiment rond Bitcoin drastisch verbeterd, gedreven door een constante drumbeat van nieuws van groeiende institutionele interesse“.

Op de lange termijn is de stierenloop van Bitcoin bijna niet te stoppen. Als het $17.200 zou opleveren, zou het volgende verzet rond de $19.700 liggen. Tegen die tijd zouden we kunnen weten of de post-halving rally nadert.

Kies uw handelsstrategie
Op de korte termijn heeft bitcoin nog ruimte om te vallen mocht de pandemie verergeren, dan zullen we weer de grote volatiliteit van bitcoin ervaren. Goed nieuws uit het onderzoek naar COVID-19 vaccins of stimuleringspakketten zal een boost geven aan de bitcoin.

Hier zijn twee opties die het proberen waard zijn in de loop van de tijd:

Optie 1: Een portemonnee ontworpen voor handelaren en knuffelaars

Misschien wil je doorgaan met je BTC en wachten op een duidelijk signaal. Maar omdat we niet weten hoe lang het zal duren, zou je kunnen overwegen je BTC op te slaan in een rentedragende portemonnee, waar je storting tot 30% rente op jaarbasis kan oplopen.

Optie 2: Profiteer van de volatiliteit

Zolang er volatiliteit is, zijn er mogelijkheden om winst te maken. Met behulp van hefboomwerking kunnen handelaren long of short gaan in Bitcoin door een positie te openen die X keer zo groot is als hun eigenlijke kapitaal.

Bexplus, een toonaangevend handelsplatform voor cryptocurrency leverage, biedt zelfs een 100x leverage. Zelfs in tijden van grote volatiliteit kunt u met behulp van Bexplus winst maken. En de Stop Loss & Take Profit opties kunnen u helpen de risico’s te verlagen en de winst vast te zetten.

Bexplus – Aanbevolen handelsplatform met hefboomwerking

Geen KYC-vereiste, registratie met E-mail-verificatie binnen enkele minuten
Demorekening met 10 BTC voor traders om vertrouwd te raken met leverage trading
100% bonus voor elke storting en 10% korting op de transactiekosten
Intuïtieve en volledige App in de Apple App Store en Google Play
Affiliate programma met tot 50% commissie beloning
24 uur per dag, 7 dagen per week klantenservice

8.000 vittime di truffe Bitcoin ricevono rimborsi dal regolatore degli Stati Uniti

La Federal Trade Commission degli Stati Uniti sta rimborsando circa 8.000 vittime che hanno perso denaro investendo in due truffe bitcoin. Gli schemi fraudolenti promettevano che gli investitori avrebbero potuto trasformare i loro pagamenti in criptovaluta di circa $ 100 in $ 80.000 di reddito mensile.

Le vittime di Bitcoin Pyramid Schemes ottengono rimborsi

La Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ha iniziato a inviare rimborsi alle vittime di due truffe sugli investimenti in criptovaluta: Bitcoin Funding Team e My7network.

Secondo un annuncio della Bitcoin Billionaire mercoledì, i due schemi „hanno promesso falsamente che i partecipanti avrebbero potuto guadagnare grandi somme di denaro pagando criptovaluta come bitcoin o litecoin per iscriversi agli schemi“. Tuttavia, l’FTC ha dettagliato:

Bitcoin Funding Team e My7network erano schemi di referral a catena che dipendevano dal reclutamento di nuove persone per fare soldi. In effetti, la maggior parte dei partecipanti non è riuscita a recuperare i propri investimenti iniziali.

La FTC sta inviando 7.964 rimborsi tramite Paypal per un totale di oltre $ 470.000 alle vittime dei due schemi a partire dal 5 novembre

“Il rimborso medio è di circa $ 59. I destinatari che ricevono un rimborso tramite Paypal avranno 30 giorni per accettare il pagamento ”, ha chiarito l’FTC.

I promotori dei due programmi – Thomas Dluca, Louis Gatto ed Eric Pinkston – sono stati chiusi nel marzo 2018. Hanno affermato che Bitcoin Funding Team „potrebbe trasformare un pagamento dell’equivalente di poco più di $ 100 in $ 80.000 di reddito mensile“, il FTC ha spiegato, aggiungendo che i due schemi erano „schemi di rinvio a catena – un tipo di schema piramidale“.

La FTC sostiene che un quarto imputato, Scott Chandler, ha promosso Bitcoin Funding Team e un altro ingannevole schema di reclutamento di criptovalute chiamato Jetcoin. Questa truffa sosteneva che gli investitori avrebbero potuto raddoppiare il loro investimento in 50 giorni, ma la FTC afferma che „lo schema non è riuscito a soddisfare queste richieste e ha cessato l’attività entro due mesi dal lancio“.

Gli imputati hanno violato il „divieto della legge contro atti ingannevoli della FTC travisando gli schemi di rinvio a catena come opportunità di guadagno in buona fede e affermando falsamente che i partecipanti potrebbero guadagnare un reddito sostanziale partecipando ai tre schemi“, ha spiegato l’agenzia federale.

Bitcoin 600 $ en dessous du record de 2020 de samedi, un nouveau test à l’arrivée ? (Analyse de la CTB)

Les taureaux Bitcoin ont réussi à regagner le soutien de 13,4K$ aujourd’hui après que les prix aient chuté de 3,7% en 4 heures.

Au cours de la dernière clôture sur 4 heures, nous pouvons voir que les acheteurs de la BTC ont réussi à se rapprocher de la ligne médiane (ligne blanche en pointillés), qui est également renforcée par l’EMA 50 (bleu). Mais maintenant, ils sont gênés par le niveau de 13 500 $. Ce sera la première cible clé à briser pour les taureaux si Bitcoin Era doit commencer sa remontée à 14 000 dollars. À partir de là, 13 670 et 13 800 dollars devraient également susciter des réactions de la part des traders à la baisse si Bitcoin tente de sortir du canal.

L’incertitude sur les marchés boursiers et les prochaines élections présidentielles américaines pourraient avoir joué un rôle dans l’activité du marché crypto d’aujourd’hui, car les grands opérateurs ont tendance à se replier sur des actifs plus stables en prévision d’événements mondiaux importants.

12 milliards de dollars sont sortis des marchés lors de la dernière vente et 14 millions de dollars ont été comprimés.

Niveaux de prix à surveiller à court terme

Sur le graphique BTC/USD en données de 4 heures, nous pouvons voir que le prix est maintenant de retour à l’intérieur du canal haussier après avoir échoué à trouver un nouveau support à l’ancienne résistance.

Au-dessus de ces objectifs, nous avons les 13 950 $, le nouveau plus haut de plus de 1000 jours à 14 100 $, et une résistance quotidienne autour de 14 390 $.

Si l’élan s’essouffle pendant le reste de la semaine, nous pourrions voir la principale crypto-résistance se briser sous la ligne 50 EMA/médiane et se réfugier le long des 13 280 $. Nous pourrions même voir la mèche de bitcoin sous le canal principal soutenir environ 13 150 $, alors que les plus gros joueurs tentent de se débarrasser de leurs faibles mains avant une résurgence.

En regardant le RSI, nous pouvons voir que la CTB est toujours coincée sous la résistance à la baisse (rouge) et continue d’imprimer des creux plus bas. Une percée au-dessus de cette ligne devrait nous donner une bonne confirmation que la dynamique haussière se renforce à nouveau derrière l’actif et pourrait donner lieu à un nouveau rallye si elle parvient à se maintenir au-dessus de 60.

  • Capital total du marché : 400 milliards de dollars
  • Capital du marché des bitcoins : 250 milliards de dollars
  • Dominance des bitcoins : 62,5%.

Spielen Sie ein Online-Bitcoin-Jackpot-Spiel

Multilotto: Spielen Sie ein Online-Bitcoin-Jackpot-Spiel, das für jeden Spieler fair ist

Das Online-Glücksspiel hat sich vom Glücksspiel-Shop zum Online-Glücksspiel entwickelt. Das Thema Online-Glücksspiel wird unvollständig sein, wenn man nicht über das Bitcoin-Glücksspiel spricht. Bitcoin ist ein grenzenloses und dezentralisiertes Zahlungssystem, das viele Online-Lotteriespieler angezogen hat. Die Zahl der Bitcoin-Geldbörsen bei Bitcoin Circuit liegt heute bei etwa 54 Millionen. Multilotto ist ein Unternehmen, das versteht, dass Bitcoin die nächste große Sache für Online-Glücksspiele ist; deshalb haben sie einen fairen Bitcoin-Jackpot geschaffen.

Bitcoin beseitigt Zahlungsbarrieren. Der US-Dollar, der Euro und andere Währungen könnten Gesetzen unterliegen, die einige Spieler daran hindern, an Online-Glücksspielen teilzunehmen, aber Bitcoin beseitigt diese Barrieren. Multilotto weiß, dass diese Barrieren beseitigt werden; deshalb haben sie einen fairen Bitcoin-Jackpot bereitgestellt.

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Multilotto ist ein Branchenführer bei der Bereitstellung fairer Lotteriespiele für Benutzer. Ihre Bitcoin-Lotterie basiert auf den in der spanischen Lotterie Bonolotto gezogenen Zahlen. Wenn Sie nicht bis Sonntag warten wollen, wenn die Benutzer die Gewinnzahlen sehen, können Sie Quickpick spielen, bei dem das System eine Zufallszahl für Sie generiert. Das Problem mit vielen Bitcoin Lotteriesystemen ist, dass das System nicht transparent ist und ein nicht existierender Benutzer gewinnen könnte. Multilotto-Gewinner sind echte Benutzer, und ihre Namen werden auf der Website veröffentlicht.

Die Eintrittsbarriere für den Multilotto-Bitcoin-Jackpot ist niedrig

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Crypto exchanges are in line to retrieve outgoing BitMEX flows

BitMEX suffers from massive exits.

The funds are heading so far to the main centralized crypto exchanges.

Decentralized exchanges are waiting behind the scenes and could capture shares

The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations based on transparency standards.

The money comes out of Ethereum Code and other exchanges are lining up for the funds. Now that BitMEX and Arthur Hayes face charges, traders scent the threat and flee to greener pastures.

According to on-chain data provider CryptoQuant, BitMEX recorded outflows of over 11,250 BTC, much of which was directed to a handful of top exchanges, including Binance, Gemini, and Kraken.

$ 11,257 BTC has been transferred from BitMEX to all other exchanges. Mainly went to #Binance, #Gemini and #Kraken.

The suffering of an exchange, the gain of the DEX?

One of the main reasons traders flocked to BitMEX was the ability to trade derivatives and take advantage of leverage to take high risk, high reward bets. Now that BitMEX itself has become a liability, traders could easily turn to other crypto derivatives exchanges, including those that are decentralized in nature.

Decentralized exchange volume is already on the rise, according to Dune Analytics, approaching $ 23 billion last month, more than double August’s levels.

Vega is a protocol on which cryptocurrency derivatives can be created and traded. It serves as a sort of marketplace that connects traders and market makers on sophisticated financial products. The network is secured by proof of stake and is designed to pick up where Ethereum leaves off .

BeInCrypto sat down with Vega founder Barney Mannerings to discuss the protocol’s upcoming launch and what the BitMEX debacle means for the future of decentralized finance (DeFi).

BIC: Does what happened during the centralized exchange BitMEX strengthen the case for DEX?

Mannerings: “The BitMEX Saga Highlights the Mismatch between Open Source, Decentralized, Community-Led Projects and Profit-Seeking Enterprises, which exemplify the dangers of pure and uncontrolled capitalism, which have grown to the periphery ecosystem, and enhance it while doing nothing for the reputation of the space. It is clear to me that centralized exchanges are a springboard that has been needed, but also something the industry needs to move away from as quickly as possible. What is happening with BitMEX shows that we urgently need to build and move to reputable, business-grade decentralized solutions like Vega. “

BIC: Have you seen any of the BitMEX volume streams to your protocol?

Mannerings: “Vega is not online yet, so whether part of the BitMEX trading volume is transferred directly to Vega depends on the lifespan of BitMEX. In general, I think people are looking more cautiously at centralized derivatives exchanges, at least in the crypto space, and I think some of that volume will find its way into decentralized alternatives. When Vega launches, it will certainly be a catalyst for this, as it enables faster, more sophisticated and more capital efficient decentralized trading than any DEX today. “

Prezzo Bitcoin in flusso: Tori bersaglio $11.5K, orsi desiderio scendere a $9.8K

Mentre il prezzo Bitcoin si consolida, i tori puntano a 11,5 mila dollari e gli orsi si aspettano un calo sotto i 9,8 mila dollari.

Il prezzo del Bitcoin (BTC) sembra essere in fase

Il prezzo del Bitcoin (BTC) sembra essere in fase di preparazione per un altro colpo alla soglia degli 11.000 dollari, ma i trader non dovrebbero eccitarsi troppo, poiché la resistenza nella zona degli 11.000 e 11.200 dollari e a 11.389 dollari ha impedito che il prezzo si spostasse più in alto nelle ultime settimane.

Attualmente il Crypto Fear & Greed Index ne registra 49 che mostra che gli investitori cripto si sentono neutrali rispetto allo stato attuale del mercato. Anche se è difficile valutare l’accuratezza dell’indicatore, il prezzo e il volume del Bitcoin Revolution sono stati relativamente piatti, dato che il prezzo è fondamentalmente compreso tra i 9.900 e gli 11.200 dollari.

Come mostra il grafico giornaliero, dal 18 settembre il prezzo dei Bitcoin ha rimbalzato tra le linee di tendenza del triangolo simmetrico e se la compressione continua gli investitori cominceranno a cercare una mossa decisiva per la prossima settimana.

Nel caso in cui il prezzo scenda dal triangolo simmetrico, il range del profilo del volume visibile (VPVR) mostra un interesse di acquisto da $9.950 a $9.200 e guardando indietro al 3 settembre fino al 10 settembre i tori acquistati sono costantemente sotto i $10.000.

Come accennato in una precedente analisi, per il momento sembra che i trader stiano aspettando il prezzo Bitcoin per fare una mossa più forte sopra i $11.500 o sotto i $9.800 prima di impegnarsi maggiormente sul mercato.

I gettoni DeFi cadono a picco man mano che il prezzo Bitcoin si consolida
Mentre il prezzo Bitcoin ha mantenuto un range relativamente stabile, i gettoni DeFi sembrano aver perso il loro slancio rialzista.

Al momento in cui scriviamo

Al momento in cui scriviamo, l’indice Top 100 DeFi CoinGecko mostra che 45 dei 100 gettoni elencati hanno registrato perdite nelle ultime 24 ore e i dati Uniswap mostrano che il volume è diminuito rispetto al record di 953 milioni di dollari raggiunto il 1 settembre.

Persino i top deFi darlings come (YFI), Aave (LEND) e Chainlink (LINK) hanno subito una netta correzione nell’ultimo mese e i trader noteranno che YFI è attualmente in calo del 43% rispetto al suo massimo storico di 44.000 dollari.

Alcuni analisti hanno suggerito che i profitti e i fondi investiti nei protocolli DeFi stanno costantemente tornando in Bitcoin, ma i dati non sono ancora sufficienti a supportare questa storia.

Mentre i gettoni Bitcoin e DeFi cercano lo slancio, gli altcoin sono riusciti ad accumulare guadagni marginali. Al momento della scrittura, Ether (ETH) è in aumento dello 0,50%, Binance Coin (BNB) ha aggiunto il 5,19%, e Cosmos (ATOM) ha ottenuto l’8,39%.

Secondo CoinMarketCap, il tetto complessivo del mercato della crittovaluta si attesta ora a 346,5 miliardi di dollari e l’indice di dominanza di Bitcoin è attualmente al 57,6%.